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AGWhatsApp Apk 2024, developed by 3ssem, is another version of the popular modified WhatsApp. It features new unique features not found in other versions. This version comes with various colors, including gold, blue, pink, and green, all of which you can download from our website.

We all know that WhatsApp has changed the world in a way that’s hard to imagine life without it. Thanks to its popularity, it has made SMS or short messages obsolete and reduced phone calls by more than 50%. Therefore, it’s not surprising that developers are looking to enhance and add more features to this app. Especially since its parent company, Meta (formerly Facebook), has stated that it won’t be adding new features, and WhatsApp will remain as it is.

However, certain limitations in the regular app have bothered some users, such as restrictions on sending files of various sizes. For instance, there’s a limit of 30 seconds in stories that users cannot exceed, which has annoyed them. To address these issues, several Arab developers, including Abu Arab and Mahjoub, have come up with modified WhatsApp. One of these versions is AGWhatsApp, which offers enhanced security and the latest updates for Android. You can download it for free directly from our website via MediaFire, as mentioned.

Download AGWhatsApp Apk 2024
App nameAGWhatsApp
Size75 MB
Latest Update21/02/2024

AG WhatsApp Features:

AGWhatsApp 2024 latest version, is an unofficial or modified version of WhatsApp. It introduces a range of new features and elements. AG WhatsApp 2023 allows you to customize the user interface with different elements, enabling you to design the app environment according to your preferences.

In the privacy section, you can disable internet connection settings or the second checkmark to hide sent content, so others won’t know you’re online. This version also features an automatic reply tool that can respond to messages automatically based on selected texts. The popularity of these new features has made this version quite popular, similar to the original release.

Download AGWhatsApp Apk

Download AGWhatsApp Apk, is available in multiple editions. It comes in golden, pink, green, and blue versions. Each version has its own unique features and characteristics that set it apart from the others. Unlike WhatsApp GB, this application comes in several versions based on color, which are as follows

AGWhatsApp Blue:

The Blue AGWhatsApp latest version 2024, also known as AG WhatsApp, is the first app developed by 3ssem and offered to users. It allows you to send videos longer than 30 seconds and recover deleted messages, features that are only accessible in the latest release of AGWhatsApp 2023. You can also change the program’s theme and customize it according to your preferences. This version offers flexibility and user-friendly features that make it stand out. This version resembles GB WhatsApp Pro in color and some features

ERWhatsApp Gold:

ERWhatsApp Gold, also known as the Ertugrul version, is another modified version developed for Android. It is highly popular and stands out for its high flexibility and beautiful user interface. The excellent security and various customization options, such as automatic message sending upon receiving a message, make it a top choice for many users. ER WhatsApp Gold offers security, customization, and a range of features that set it apart from the original WhatsApp.

AG2WhatsApp Pink:

The Pink version known as AG2WhatsApp, offers features like choosing from over 3000 different themes, hiding photos and videos in the gallery, disabling forwarding, changing fonts, automatic replies, setting passwords, and scheduling messages. It shares many features with other versions and can be used as a secondary version alongside the official one.

AG3WhatsApp Green:

AG3WhatsApp, also known as Green WhatsApp. It allows you to hide your online status and last seen, enabling you to stay connected without others knowing. Another feature of AG3WhatsApp is the ability to send text messages over 200 characters. The customization of emojis and the use of new features have enhanced this unofficial version’s appeal and attracted many users.

In summary, 3ssem has developed various versions of modified WhatsApp, each with its own set of features and enhancements, catering to different user preferences. These versions offer unique customization options, security features, and various improvements that make them popular alternatives to the official WhatsApp release. This app is considered a competitor to other applications such as AQWhatsApp and other famous versions.

How to Download the Latest Update of AGWhatsApp ?

To download the latest update of AGWhatsApp Apk 2025, including versions like Golden, Blue, Green, and Pink, follow these simple steps, especially through our website. We provide direct download links on MediaFire, and all you need to do is click on the download link below, which will take you to the waiting page.

From there, you can choose the Asim Mahjoub version that suits you best and download it directly from MediaFire. Keep in mind that while the versions have some differences, they share many features, with only minor changes. If you’re a first-time AGWhatsApp user, you can choose any version. However, if you’re upgrading and want to retain your messages and files, it’s recommended to choose the version you were using.

What’s New in the AG WhatsApp Update?

In the latest AGWhatsApp update in September of this year, several new features and bug fixes have been added, including:

  • Updating the WhatsApp database to version
  • Adding an option to enable/disable the group admin indicator.
  • Enabling the sharing of images, videos, and files to external apps.
  • Adding an option to forward your friends’ stories to your own status.
  • Adding an option to translate text statuses.
  • Adding an option to filter unread messages in search.

In addition to adding new features, several issues have been resolved:

  • Fixed the issue of jumping to the first message.
  • Fixed the display of all messages in group chats.
  • Fixed the message count in the group info page.

There are many other improvements and bug fixes that you can discover for yourself after downloading AGWhatsApp from our website via the direct MediaFire link.

New Features of AG2WhatsApp APK from MediaFire:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface fully supports Arabic.
  • Provides useful features and tools.
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets.
  • Ability to hide the blue tick.
  • No restrictions on sending photos and videos.
  • Ability to send automatic replies to messages.
  • New stickers and emojis.
  • Customizable chats and home screen.
  • Change font and background colors.
  • Can be installed alongside the official version of WhatsApp Apk.
  • Ability to hide typing status.
  • Download statuses (stories).
  • Many other features that you can discover on your own.

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